Rite of Spring cleaning

2 réflexions sur “Rite of Spring cleaning”

  1. Oh my God you’re getting even better at writing ! I still love your blog =) and enjoy myself very much while reading it (as much as you do while writing it i hope !). You give a funny insight into your experience abroad, so enjoyable. And sharing this with you, from far across the Channel is rather pleasant I must say, it makes me feel as if you were still here, in the country of wind and rain… oh wait am I mixing up ? Yes I’m overdoing it, there was a blue sky today in Lyon. I expect you didn’t have the chance to glimpse the English sky on Saturday (well in a bedroom the sky, or as I should call it, the ceiling, is always grey anyway… Depressing :s).
    I hope you finally got the chance to complete your essay so that at least you didn’t skip your Saturday lie-in for trifles such as vacuuming 😉

  2. Come on, it’s not that difficult. Here’s a four-step method for you : 1) Crush the beeping b*****d against the wall 2) Take up Finnish yoga 3) Sit at your desk brooding over the vanity of human life 4) Go back to sleep. Here you go 🙂

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