Oh boy, it’s already music o’clock

On tuesday there was an annual (3 times a year) General Meeting at Slems. Time for the Slemsmen to actually start shaping the hall life themselves ! Several positions had to be filled, such as History Rep, Debate Rep or Sacristan. There were a few moments, like the unsurprising election of the magnificently-bearded Prabhjot to the prestigious position of Beard Rep. But as I was slowly drifting to sleep in the excessively comfortable chair that I managed to steal just before the beginning of the meeting, I suddenly hear the President say « And for Music Rep I would like to nominate the French guy with the guitar who plays jazz. Arthur, where are you ? » Holy bejeezus, what is going on. I wake up, stand up and say « Well, um, I would like to thank the Academy for… » He then says « Who seconds that ? » Forest of hands. Triumph ! Glory !

Thus begins my time as Music Rep. I’m in charge of making musical events happen and putting together a band or several ; and as I am always keen to play with anyone, anywhere, anytime (you know, preferably the chapel after dinner with people who like jazz), I will try to put a strong emphasis on ‘playing together’ because you can only have so many solo talent shows.

This sweet blue little lady is taken, guys. Sorry.
This sweet blue little lady is taken, guys. Sorry.

So what does the future hold ? Hopefully, a lot of jam sessions in the chapel but also some more focused things like the awesome U2 cover Felix and I are preparing. There is at least one drummer and one bassist, there’s the group ! And a bazillion pianists… You know what ? Let’s do a twenty-hands piece for Halloween. Yes, all ten players on the same piano. The group will be call « Raymond and the Raymondettes ». As for events, Acoustic Night is a tradition but some musicians have started thinking about a more recurrent open stage event. I am definitely up for it if it allows people to play together and share their musical talents with everyone !

All right, first step of every group project : creating a Facebook page so we can spend 4 months discussing all this.


2 réflexions sur “Oh boy, it’s already music o’clock”

  1. AMAZIIIIING ! Awesome ! It’s gonna be legen… wait for it …dary !!! (;D don’t know if you saw « How I met your mother » but if not, go for it, quick !) I’m proud of you and very happy for you as well, funny French guy 😉
    I loved your « annual » General Meeting that takes place 3 times a year, England seems to be in a different dimension. Beware, there might be aliens hihi (ok ok I’m not funny, I know, sorry I keep trying but that just doesn’t work). I also have to admit I loved the caption of your picture, even though the feminist Inside me might be tempted to say « holy crap, now he’s comparing girls with guitars » but I know you mean it in such a positive way 😉 I quite liked the picture of the chapel too, I find it funny with its cross, its sacred atmosphere and all the music instruments that are gonna make God’s ears (if he has some ?) bleed forever :p. The sound must be very good there anyway.
    Enjoy your new role =) Have fun

  2. Nice place for rehearsals…Any bassist required ?…Singer ?…What about a choir…?
    I’m sure you will succeed in your new position by converting every « chapel people » to the music religion…
    I wish I was there…

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