Oh boy, it’s already music o’clock

2 réflexions sur “Oh boy, it’s already music o’clock”

  1. AMAZIIIIING ! Awesome ! It’s gonna be legen… wait for it …dary !!! (;D don’t know if you saw « How I met your mother » but if not, go for it, quick !) I’m proud of you and very happy for you as well, funny French guy 😉
    I loved your « annual » General Meeting that takes place 3 times a year, England seems to be in a different dimension. Beware, there might be aliens hihi (ok ok I’m not funny, I know, sorry I keep trying but that just doesn’t work). I also have to admit I loved the caption of your picture, even though the feminist Inside me might be tempted to say « holy crap, now he’s comparing girls with guitars » but I know you mean it in such a positive way 😉 I quite liked the picture of the chapel too, I find it funny with its cross, its sacred atmosphere and all the music instruments that are gonna make God’s ears (if he has some ?) bleed forever :p. The sound must be very good there anyway.
    Enjoy your new role =) Have fun

  2. Nice place for rehearsals…Any bassist required ?…Singer ?…What about a choir…?
    I’m sure you will succeed in your new position by converting every « chapel people » to the music religion…
    I wish I was there…

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