Just a quick word for the poor guys (girls ?) who took a quick look at the blog and found everything written in French (the horror !)… I plan to write a couple of articles in English too, specifically aimed towards the English-speaking audience (I sound like a corporate shmuck all of a sudden). It won’t be as funny as the ones I write in French : it took me 20 years to master the art of writing funny shit in my own language so English puns are not for tomorrow. Still, it will be the best thing you’ll read all year, especially if you read nothing but Feynman’s lectures on Physics.

Quick traduction of what’s been going on in these twisted pages : questionable humour, lots of food discussion, definitely a fair amount of music, some rare pictures (if you see any you win your weight in Miles Davis records), a few appearances of my very unique and very English-savvy biochemistry colleague Marine, complaints about the weather and so on. I posted a report of my hilarious night @ the Glow Rave and plan to do so for every fun night that has yet to come.

Stay tuned !

– – –

Next week on Biochemistry Option Jazz : absolutely nothing as lectures will begin. Or maybe a couple of articles about stuffy food. And rainy weather.


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